Neuromodulation updates

While the pandemic killed off plans for a neuromodulation resurgence in 2020, the industry is still rolling out new products in the hope growth will return in 2021 and beyond. On Thursday, there is an online meeting between Medtronic, Boston Scientific and Abbott to discuss the progress of their portfolios.   Neuromod portfolios advance at …

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Progress on HIV treatment

Scientists have determined the optimal conditions following a stem cell transplant that could control HIV without the need of an everyday pill, according to a study published today in eLife. Scientists determine ideal dose of stem cells to control HIV (

Identical Twins have Genetic Differences

Identical twins are not as identical as we thought, according to a study published the 7th of January in Nature Genetics. Twins start accumulating genetic variations from the earliest stages of development, meaning that one twin harbours  variants that aren’t present in the other. Identical Twins Accumulate Genetic Differences in the Womb

Existing medications to improve outcomes in diseases: Machine-learning method

Scientists have developed a machine-learning method that gathers data of existing medications in order to improve outcomes in diseases for which they are not prescribed.  The goal is to speed up drug repurposing, for instance Botox injections, which were first approved to treat crossed eyes and migraine. Machine-learning method can crunch data to find new …

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