COVID-19: Healthcare Innovation

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, others build windmills – Chinese proverb. Check out the article on how the pharmaceutical industry has had to adapt during the pandemic and what values are considered the most important for companies to continue to succeed: The essentials of healthcare innovation | McKinsey

Blockchain and Clinical Trials

Benefits of blockchain-based system for clinical trials by Bloqcube.   Check it out here: Bringing clinical trials into the new age with blockchain (  

Detecting DNA in the air

New research in environmental DNA (eDNA) could lead to advances in forensic sciences and public health, besides ecological surveillance.   Check the article out here: Environmental DNA Can Be Pulled from the Air | The Scientist Magazine® (

Drug-eluting contact lens for glaucoma

The trial evaluating MediPrint™ Ophthalmics’  LLT-BMT1 – a drug-eluting contact lens being developed to treat glaucoma has been completed, showing safe and tolerable results as well as reduction of hyperaemia.   Check the article out here: Drug-eluting contact lens shows potential in first-in-human study (  

The Sterile Packaging Day

In order to recognise the importance of sterilisation, the Sterilisation Packaging Manufacturers Council (SMPC) has inaugurate a Sterile Packaging Day, which recognises this group that goes beyond all developers of medical devices and pharmaceutical but includes them, therefore producing the sterilisation packaging, which deliver the life-saving products and their critical role in patient safety.   …

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