Clementine Global vets’ team provides comprehensive product development, clinical study and regulatory affairs services to the animal health industry across Europe.


VICH GCP Clinical Studies Scientific Writing Regulatory Affairs

Studies to confirm efficacy, field safety, dose confirmation, serology or post-marketing surveillance.

Combined depth and breadth knowledge in a comprehensive range of species and products.  

Helping you to meet deadlines, satisfy demands of legislation and get your new products to market on budget and efficiently.

Product Development Management Training Quality Services
From the development of a complex new chemical entity or a simple variation to an existing marketing authorisation, focused on our customer aims.  

Experts on tailored training courses in all aspects of product development: GCP, QA, EU regulatory environment, planning and design of clinical studies among others.


Quality Assurance is an essential element whether pre-clinical, clinical studies, safety or manufacturing. Experience in auditing GLP, VICH GCP, GMP & following up recommendations.


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