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Leading regulator, quality and clinical consultants bring more than 25 years of experience to health products offering guidance, the peace of mind to move forward with confidence and success with the new risk-based quality management research methodologies.

Pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries experiencing unprecedented economic upheaval can no longer justify practices that deliver little value at exorbitant cost. Rather than continuing to spend time, energy, and money focusing on minutiae; those engaged in clinical trial conduct must re-focus their energies on the aspects of the clinical trial that matter most, such as protocol compliance, subject safety, data timeliness, and data integrity.

While implementing a Risk Based Quality Management Systemthree key aspects need to be taken into consideration regarding change management related to processpeople, and technology needs. In these three key aspects, the process is very critical as it broadly influences the other two aspects. For RBM implementation, the monitoring plan is the heart of the process as it outlines how RBM is being implemented and how effectively monitoring of a study is being done with this new initiative.

Our team advice and supports health companies to effectively address these concerns while saving both time and money.

The essence of Clementine Global is to improve patient’s lives with the most cost-efficient services to accelerate health product development process on clinical research studies, which allow more affordable development of new therapeutic entities.


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Barcelona HQ Office : Carretera de Rubí 88, bjs izq, 08174 Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona, Spain) Phone : +34 936 690 575

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London Office : Operational office in the coming weeks

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